Network Solution

We provide IT Network solutions and installation, for both WAN and LAN.  This includes connections to, such as connecting different offices in different parts of the world securely (VPN).

IT Services

Our IT engineers come from different backgrounds—including network connections, System Servers, Helpdesk, Backup, and others.  Our different backgrounds synergize our efforts to provide IT services.  Instead of hiring a typical Network and System administrator, we are an option to provide better services and better cost since we have a whole IT Team in your hands.

Server Solution

We offer IT server solutions and setup servers that will look towards the future of technology.  One of the solutions we provided for our client includes a cloud server, a hybrid server, and in-house servers.

IT Solution 

Our clients are very happy with the IT services we provide for them.  We give them different solutions and work with their IT budget.

Web Installation and SEO

Providing website configuration for different customers. Currently working with multiple clients to overhaul their websites in improving their ranking in Google (SEO).

Wireless Enterprise Solution

Safe Harbor Technology Inc. has set up many complex wireless connections.  We make wireless connection fast and secure so that everybody can enjoy Wi-Fi connection in any part of their office, buildings, or any part that is hard to reach places.

We have installed Cisco Wireless connections with large warehouses, coffee shops, Golf Courses, Office Large Tower buildings, and others.

If you have any concerns or problems with the wireless connection, we can figure it out for you.

Some problems with wireless connections, with many users watching YouTube, Netflix, and Streaming Music, the devices are unable to handle multiple connections and the connection goes down.

Please feel free to contact us for a wireless solution

Tel: (562) 276 0047