IT Healer

Once upon a time, a server went down.  The manager and workers went in panicked.  Eventually, they idle while waiting for the technology services to be available.  In the meantime the company is losing money for the hours they pay their workers to do nothing.

This once upon a time is not one time, it happens several times, and it happens every day around the world.  This is my experience years ago until we migrated our data to a better place with many backups.  This is our purpose and this is what we do.  This is to make sure that your technology is always available to your employees and clients.

If you are tired of the lousy technology service, please let us know.  We are here to migrate your system to Data Center.  By doing this, your Technology is available even if there is no power in your office.

How is this possible?
Our Data Center is connected to multiple power grid and multiple connections to the internet (ISP).  This means if one of the connection goes down, there are several backups that instantly picks up with a blink of an eye.  The data is also redundant, meaning that if a physical drive goes down where the data is written, another will pick up.

Who uses this kind of technology?
Google, Amazon, Netflix, Fortune 500 companies and much more.  These companies are up and running 24/7, down time for them is not an option.  This is what we offer. To give you a piece of mind that your technology is available the best they can.

Think about this,
How much money do you lose when your technology is not available? This amount of money you lose could have used for migrating your data to a safer place and then almost never happen again. Thus, when migrating to a better and safer location, you end up saving money.

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